Looking for those one of a kind vintage dolls? You are in the right place!

VintageBabyDoll.com will give you access to a rich selection of classic and antique dolls that will bring a smile to your face, warmth to your heart and might provide a good source of income for you in the future if needed. Whether it is for their monetary value or your own delight, here is the place where you will find the best vintage dolls.

Vintage DollVintage dolls are valuable and superior in quality because of the past period they were made in. Their manufacturers had put in a lot of care and personal attention that modern day industrialized dolls lack. So if you are in pursuit of old dolls like antique bisque dolls, antique china or porcelain dolls etc., you are on the right track. VintageBabyDoll.com will lead you to the best vintage and antique dolls that are available for sale.

Antique dolls are unique and inspiring and tell us something about the history of the time they were made. It will not be fair to rate vintage and antique dolls in terms of money alone. Yes, these dolls are good assets to be converted into cash later, but they have more to offer. Vintage dolls are the mirror of the time gone by. Today they inspire us to look back into the past and reminisce about the era that created these beautiful dolls. Vintage dolls are a source of inspiration for some, will bring fond memories to others, and can provide a source of education for many. Especially for kids, they can be the basis for learning about specific times in history.

From the monetary point of view, the price of a vintage or an antique doll in your collection will depend primarily on its condition. The value of your doll will not be the same every year. If it is in good condition, the price will increase every year. Within our website you can find vintage and antique dolls in the best condition for you to adorn your home or sell them in the future. Some owners will never have a problem in selling their dolls and collectors are always willing to pay the right price.

Vintage Doll

Where to buy?
There is a number of places where you can get a good deal on vintage or antique dolls, but the best place to buy them nowadays is the internet. On Ebay and Amazon you can check the entire inventory and browse through several categories before you make a purchase. Especially on Ebay you will find the best deals as many sellers have not appraised the value of their dolls and they are looking for quick sales. Professional dealers have organised their merchandise in user friendly ways and usually provide all needed information about their items in great detail. Due to the fact that they know the value of their stock sometimes their vintage dolls can be pricey. On the other hand, occasional sellers will describe their dolls in just a few lines and maybe have items of little value. Then again, in between those low-value dolls is where the best steal-deals will be!

If you can not afford the real antique dolls, there are options for you too. On Amazon you will find a great variety of vintage reproduction dolls. These were made almost identically to the old ones with modern materials and clothes. They look and feel just about the same with antiques but they were made in our days. If you just look for a vintage doll decoration solution a set of vintage reproductions is your best option.

vintage barbieHow to determinate the value of your vintage dolls?
Experience is the key in estimating the value of your old dolls. After many years of buying, selling, reading and researching antique dolls one is able to determinate easily the value of any given doll. For those who are new to the hobby there are also ways to find out the approximate prices of their possessions or their watched items. There is a plethora of vintage dolls price guides available for sale. These guides are written by the top collectors and enthusiasts of vintage dolls and this is where you will find the most accurate and reliable ratings. There are guides on special type of dolls like on Celluloid, Vinyl and Paper dolls and also others focusing on just vintage Barbie or Madame Alexander or Vogue dolls. Whichever is your special style or focus on collecting; there are many useful publications that will guide you in the universe of vintage dolls.

So whatever is the reason for you buying vintage dolls, your shot at getting the best deals and great pieces begins at VintageBabyDoll.com. We would love to take you on a joy ride of classic looks, elegant getups, and awe-inspiring feeling that makes a vintage doll what it is.

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