Collecting Vintage Dolls

Vintage dolls are a joy in themselves. Admiration, happiness and good memories are some of the feelings vintage dolls evoke in us. They are beautiful, impressive, and carry some history in them. So if you are into collecting vintage dolls or would love to start, we can say that it is definitely worth your time and money.  However, if you feel overwhelmed in deciding the type of vintage doll you want to collect, you can take the help of people who are already into it. Why not start with some of your close relatives? Your mother or grandmother might have some really nice items in the attic.

Some tips for you

Go for your passion: It is seen that people of specific age groups collect specific vintage dolls. But the driving force behind selecting a particular type is the passion of the collector. Your best bet is collecting a vintage doll type that interests you, that motivates you and invokes in you an enthusiasm about it. The success of your hobby will depend on your passion. If you are passionate about it, you will always be on the look out for more building an admirable and impressive collection.

Vintage DollsWhere to look and what to do: Online stores, eBay, antique shows, estate auctions, doll conventions and garage sales are some of the places where you can look for antique dolls. Many collectors also join collector's clubs and forums where they share their knowledge and learn from the other members. Joining such a forum and participating on the discussions is highly recommended. If you are into collecting popular styles of antique dolls, you can check the news about them. Popular antique dolls also have websites dedicated to them. Resources in the form of books are also available to help you expand your knowledge and take the right step in achieving your goal.

Vintage DollAdvice: As a collector it is suggested that you start by collecting fewer varieties before diving full fledged into the sea of antique dolls. If you start with a wider range, your quest can turn into frustration with expensive or difficult to find pieces to add to your collection.  Another important thing is to keep yourself educated so that you are not duped when you make a purchase. One should be aware of authentic identification marks of the vintage dolls in question.

Look before you buy: Here's some important points for you to take note of before you spend your money on an antique doll.

  • Thoroughly check the overall condition of the doll. If you are buying online ask the seller to sent you more photos
  • The state and the uniqueness of the doll's dress and accessories are also important.
  • A vintage doll with its actual box and price tags has more value.
  • Make sure you check on some of the vintage doll price guides to see the approximate value and historical sales.
  • Don't hesitate to ask the seller about any questions you might have and also seek advice from other collectors in various forums